How to Clone or Duplicate a Page in WordPress

When working on a website redesign, we sometimes want to duplicate a page content before making any tweaks to it. While you can just copy and paste all of its content into a draft, none of the other important elements would move over. Moreover, in some of the themes in WordPress, such as the divi-builder, you can’t just copy and paste the code because it is presented as a visual builder with modules of rows and columns. So this is when having a duplicate page feature comes really useful.

The default WordPress currently doesn’t have a duplicate function that will enable users to clone any web page in their site. However, there is a plugin that will make duplicating and be cloning a page possible with a single click - the Duplicate Post plugin

Installing Duplicate Post Plugin

To install the Duplicate Post plugin, you need to go to your WordPress dashboard and click on

‘Plugins’ tab. Here you will see a button at the top of the page with a text ‘Add New’. Click this button to add/install the new plugin.

Once clicked, search the ‘Duplicate Post’ plugin by typing ‘Duplicate Post’ into the search bar indicated in the image below.
Install the first plugin in the results which is entitled ‘Duplicate Post’ by Enrico Battachi by clicking the Install Now button. After clicking this button, wait for a few seconds and the text of this button will change from ‘Install Now’ to ‘Activate’. Click this button to activate the Duplicate Post plugin

Duplicating a page

After installing and activating the Duplicate Post plugin, the clone/duplicate functionality is already available in your WordPress.

To clone a page, click the ‘Pages’ tab in the left sidebar of the dashboard and you will see the existing pages in your Web site. Hover over the title of the page to be duplicated to show the options - Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, view, Clone and New Draft, below the page title.

Click the CLONE option to duplicate the corresponding page.

Note: the Clone option will not appear if you haven’t Activate/Install your plugins yet. Go back to the Plugins section to check if the “Duplicate Post” plugin is already installed or activated.