1. Create Quality Content

  • unique well written content

  • search engine results serve up the most appropriate website based on end user searches

  • relevancy to keywords

  • shareable content

  • at least 200 words of the content
2. Make proper use of heading elements H1, H2, H3

  • helps search engines understand the content

  • proper use is essential as search engines give higher ranking signals

  • leaner code, makes your site search engine friendly so that it can find what they're users are looking for
3. Use Titles and Meta Data

  • titles carry a lot of weight

  • true representation of the content of the page
4. Effective use of Keywords to the different elements of a page

  • each page should have 2-3 keywords and use throughout with all the important elements sated below:

    • title

      meta description

      meta keywords

      heading elements




      alt tag

      title tag

5. URL Optimization

  • URL's should contain targeted keywords

  • must be a unique URL

  • Google prioritizes the first 5 words of the URL
6. Quality Inbound Links

  • good links from other web pages

  • these are like votes by the community

  • should be relevant to the content of your page